D-Core-T.                                  D1-Twin-Cluch.                       D-Core-T-Assy.







   Hyper-Compe-R.                  Hyper-Carbon-Twin.                    Hyper-Carbon-Triple.

EXEDY- clutches are standard fitments world wide for numerous car manufacturers.

HEAVY DUTY-suits lightly modified cars or couriers & towing applications they

have approximately 30 percent more clamp load than a standard kit.

BUTTON CLUTCH PLATE-these come either with sprung or solid centre,3,4 or 5

buttons this will increse clamp load over a standard clutch plate.

TWIN PLATE-this race series of clutches is for the serious road or race car which

will take up to 700hp.The THE TRIPLE PLATE will take up to 900-1200hp.





QUARTER MASTER-this race series of clutches come in 2 or 3 plate, 41/2"--  51/2"-- 7 1/4" 

inch clutches.They come with carbon or ceramic plates which are made in the USA.

We also have internal hydraulic slave cylinders to suit most clutches.




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